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Chinese Education Minister Huai Jinpeng

(February 13, 2023)

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

Hello, everyone!

Just now, we witnessed the opening of the conference。The Chinese leadership and government attach great importance to this conference,Vice Premier Sun Chunlan of The State Council attended and addressed the conference,It is emphasized that efforts should be made to build the national smart education platform into an important public service product in the field of education,Promoting the integration of digital technology and traditional education,Call on all countries to join hands to promote innovation,Make the fruits of digital education more accessible to people of all countries,It conveys the Chinese government's commitment to promoting high-quality development of digital education,To promote the all-round development of human beings, social civilization and progress of great importance and ardent expectations。

Digital transformation is an important carrier and direction of education transformation worldwide。The theme of this conference is "Digital Transformation and the Future of Education",就是要落实习近平主席在联合国大会上提出的全球发展倡议、在世界互联网大会上提出的全球数字发展道路,Echoing the vision statement of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the Change in Education Summit,In the turbulent times of the moment,Find new solutions to the global education crisis。Through this conference, we will actively promote international cooperation in digital education, build consensus on education reform, boost confidence in global cooperation and development, and create a better future for education。

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

习近平主席在2022年11月15日召开的二十国集团领导人第十七次峰会上指出,当今世界正在经历百年未有之大变局,这是世界之变、时代之变、历史之变。In a new period of turbulent change,Complex factors such as global warming, anti-globalization, economic recession and regional conflicts are intertwined,The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated uncertainty and instability,Global poverty reduction has suffered serious setbacks,Human society is faced with unprecedented and severe challenges,"What's wrong with the world,The question of "What do we do?" reverberates around the world。

At the same time,A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is gaining momentum,Digital technology has increasingly become a leading force driving fundamental changes and all-round reshaping of the way of thinking, organizational structure and operation of human society,For us to innovate the path, reshape the form, and promote development provides new major opportunities,It also brings new challenges,"What education is and where education should go" has also become a proposition for all countries in the world to think about。

It is heartening that the United Nations and countries around the world are actively taking digital education as an important way and measure to address the challenges of the crisis and open up a bright future。UNESCO advocates for a new "social contract" to bring into full play the educational dividends brought by digital technologies and better highlight the nature of education as a global public good。The UN Summit on Transforming Education says the digital revolution should benefit all learners。In response, many countries have adopted digital development strategies, and education is an important part of them。The effective actions of all parties will certainly make the "four pillars" of education - "learn to learn, learn to live together, learn to do things, and learn to be a man" - more solid and powerful in the digital age。

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of digital education and regards it as an important part of digital China。After years of continuous efforts, China's education informatization has achieved leapfrog development, with the campus network access rate reaching 100 percent, and 99 percent of primary and secondary schools with multimedia classrooms.5%, large-scale applications have made major breakthroughs, injecting strong impetus into the development of China's education。2022年,We have fully implemented the national strategy for digitization of education,It puts connection first, content first and cooperation as the key,It is the "3C" concept of Connection, Content and Cooperation,In accordance with the principle of "application is king, service first, simple and efficient, safe operation",String many typical applications, resource content and other "pearls" into a "necklace",Integrated online national smart education public service platform,Release the amplification, superposition, multiplication and continuous spillover effect of digital technology on the high-quality development of education。Since its launch nearly a year ago, the platform has been visited more than 6.7 billion times, and has now become the world's largest educational resource library。It is mainly reflected in:

Smart education helps basic education, so that the ideal of quality and balance into reality。The platform brings together the country's best quality basic education digital resources, covering moral education, curriculum teaching, physical education, aesthetic education, labor education, after-school service, teacher research and training, family education, teaching reform experience, teaching materials and other 10 sections, 53 columns, 4.40,000 resources, so that far away in the border areas, children in rural areas and children in big cities "in the same class", immersive, shared。Faced with the severe challenge that offline teaching cannot be sustained due to the epidemic, the platform has supported nearly 200 million primary and secondary school students in China to learn online, ensuring that "classes will not be suspended".。During winter and summer vacations, special seminars were conducted for more than 13 million teachers across the country to improve their teaching and research capabilities。

Smart education helps higher education, allowing first-class university courses to break through campus boundaries。We seize the opportunity to develop massive online courses worldwide, and after ten years of construction, we have gathered a large number of high-quality MOOCs。Currently, the platform has 7.60,000 famous teachers of colleges and universities, 2.70,000 high-quality MOOC courses and 1,800 national first-class courses, realizing "one platform in hand and online to provide the best courses in the world"。The platform has been welcomed by learners from many countries, with more than 13 million international users registered, covering 166 countries and regions。I also saw comments from netizens on the Internet, "This is a good place for students to study and adults to recharge."。

Smart education helps vocational education and enables more people to acquire the ability of career development。Relying on the platform, nearly 55% of vocational school teachers across the country carry out blended teaching, exploring the use of virtual simulation, digital twin and other digital technologies and resources to create teaching scenes and solve practical training problems。For example, Hunan Automotive Engineering Vocational College explores the practical training method of "C+R" remote control and real field execution in the 5G environment, and students can complete the practical training task by remotely issuing operation instructions anytime and anywhere。At present, there are 1173 professional teaching resource libraries on the platform,More than 6,700 online quality courses,More than 2,200 open video courses,Covering nearly 600 specialties,215 demonstration virtual simulation training base cultivation projects distributed across the country,Help cultivate technical skills,To serve the all-round development of students and the high-quality economic and social development。

Smart education helps employment and entrepreneurship, so that the supply of talents and market demand more effectively。In 2022, the number of college graduates in China exceeded 10 million for the first time, which has injected strong talent and human resources to support China's economic and social development. However, under the influence of many factors, such as the persistent COVID-19 epidemic and increasing downward pressure on the economy, employment has also become a new pressure。We upgraded and launched the national college Student employment service platform,Strengthen communication and communication between supply and demand,We will accelerate the sharing of job resources,Especially for poor families, zero employment families and graduates with physical disabilities to accurately push job information,A total of 13.7 million shared jobs were created,The survey shows that nearly one-third of fresh graduates have achieved effective employment through the platform。

China builds a smart education platform system,Aggregating high-quality, systematic and multi-type digital education resources,To provide students and the public with non-closing, all-weather, "supermarket" services,It has greatly promoted the digitization of educational resources and the fair allocation of educational resources,To meet the individual and selective needs of learners,In addition, lifelong learning provides a strong and broad digital support。

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

Education is closely linked to human growth and accompanied by the development of civilization. It is the oldest and most noble cause of mankind。Every major scientific and technological development and innovation, every industrial change and lifestyle transformation, all affect and even change education。Digitalization is a new wave leading the future, and the collision between education and digital will play a more beautiful music of human civilization education。What kind of value orientation should be upheld in the process of breaking through the limitations of traditional education methods and actively creating new forms of digital education?We believe that:

Digital education should be equitable and inclusive。It is our common value pursuit to carry out inclusive education and realize learning with education and no class。Digital technology has the characteristics of interconnection, instant efficiency and dynamic sharing, which can quickly and efficiently gather dispersed high-quality resources, break through the limitations of time and space, spread and share across schools, regions and countries, so that people in different environments can have equal access to educational resources and channels。At the same time, we need to prevent digital technologies from exacerbating inequalities in education, so that the vision of "quality education for all, everywhere" can be accelerated into reality。

Digital education should be more quality education。Quality is the lifeline of education and digital technology is the ladder to improve the quality of education。Develop digital education,It can enrich the application of intelligent classroom, adaptive learning, intelligent diagnosis of learning situation, intelligent classroom evaluation and other scenarios,Promote online and offline integration and interaction,Improve teaching methods,Enhance the creativity, experience and inspiration of the teaching process,Leverage classroom teaching to bring about profound changes,We will make innovations in education, teaching and personnel training,Improve the efficiency of education management and evaluation with the support of education intelligence,Improve human learning and cognitive effectiveness,To provide a strong impetus to achieve better quality education。

Digital education should be education for everyone。More than 2,500 years ago, Confucius put forward the ideal of education with no class and individualized education. In the long process of human civilization, we have been striving to achieve individualized education。Digital education can give full play to its unique advantages in personalized geoscience, differentiated teaching and scientific evaluation. Through information tracking and mining, digital backtracking analysis, scientific monitoring and evaluation, it can describe the growth trajectory of students and provide personalized education programs for each student。This will also help reshape the form of human education, make it possible for everyone to receive suitable education, and help lifelong learning and the construction of a learning society。

Digital education should be an education for green development。Green development is a mode of economic growth and social development aiming at efficiency, harmony and sustainability。In the face of the increasingly serious global energy crisis, climate crisis and biodiversity crisis, education should not only not be left alone, but also play a basic supporting role in promoting green economic and social development。We should follow the principles of frugality, simplicity and efficiency in the development of digital education, focusing on application as king, service first, and not blindly pursuing high-end。We should focus on cultivating students' ability to adapt to and mitigate climate change, make rational use of digital textbooks and teaching AIDS, and promote digital education as a catalyst and accelerator for low-carbon transformation in education, so as to promote green development and protect the common home of mankind。

Digital education should be an open and cooperative education。The digital age has brought us an efficient platform for open cooperation, and open cooperation has become a key element to promote educational innovation in the new era。Whether it is eliminating digital barriers, narrowing the digital divide, enhancing the ability to respond to crises in education, cultivating cooperation growth points, exploring new development highlights, and promoting education transformation and innovation, we need to adhere to the concept of cooperation, inclusiveness and win-win, give full play to our respective strengths, and promote common development。We should join hands to strengthen communication and exchanges, and through open cooperation in digital education, let more countries and people board the express train of the digital era, share the fruits of digital education development, and accelerate the reform of education。

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

当前,The scientific and technological revolution has developed in depth, industrial transformation has accelerated, and social governance has been iterated and upgraded,The way people produce, live, think and communicate has changed,New business forms and models are emerging one after another,The demand for diverse and flexible learning is increasing,It is urgent to reshape the connotation and form of education,It also provides a platform and power engine for educational reform and high-quality development。The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made it clear for the first time that we should promote the digitization of education and build a learning society and a learning country with lifelong learning for all。We will deepen the implementation of the digital education strategy,Promote the digitization of resources, intelligent management, personalized growth and socialization of learning,Make high-quality resources replicable, transferable and shareable,Make it possible to personalize education at scale,New steps have been taken in building a learning-oriented society and a learning-oriented big country with the digitalization of education。To this end, we will focus our efforts on the following four areas:

First, build a strong national center to gather and share high-quality resources。The uneven distribution of educational resources is a common problem faced by all countries in the development of education。The wide application of digital technology has brought an opportunity to promote the balance of educational resources and narrow the gap between regions, urban and rural areas and between schools。On the basis of existing work, we will make full use of China's institutional advantages, talent advantages and resource advantages, accelerate system upgrading, service upgrading and function upgrading, and make every effort to build a national digital education resource center。We will establish a National Digital Resources Development Committee,We will coordinate the development of high-quality resources and the provision of public services,Coordinate digital resource management and application level evaluation,Coordinate the quality of campus education and digital education empowerment,Coordinate policy academic research and practical application innovation,Coordinate standard construction and safe and efficient operation,The national center will be built into a resource development and utilization center, a public service center, an application development center, a comprehensive research center, and a safety operation and maintenance center。At the same time, the demonstration drives the construction of regional education resource service centers, connects regional centers by strengthening national central hub capabilities, realizes resource sharing and user mutual recognition, and forms a multi-level and multi-party national digital resource public service system。

The second is to strengthen data empowerment and enhance the effectiveness of teaching。The development of digital education not only accumulates high-quality resources, but also precipitates massive data treasure, which provides an important tool and platform for countries to grasp the law of education and teaching, the law of student growth, promote the combination of science education and humanistic literacy, promote the promotion of engineering education and practical ability improvement, and serve the all-round development of students。We will promote scientific and personalized teaching evaluation, use massive data to form learner portraits and educational knowledge maps, and better achieve individualized teaching。We will also promote the diversity and diversification of education and teaching, strengthen teaching research in the digital education environment, and help teachers improve their digital teaching ability, better innovate education and teaching models and assessment methods, and promote the improvement of teaching quality。We will promote the high efficiency and precision of education governance, and realize business collaboration, process optimization, structural reshaping, and accurate management through the application of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, so as to better improve the efficiency of education management and the scientific level of education decision-making。

Third, we need to enhance digital literacy to help serve lifelong learning for all。The transformation of human society to the digital age not only puts forward urgent requirements for the socialization of learning, but also makes the lifelong learning more and more accessible, and education shoulders an important mission。We need to use digital technologies to accelerate the building of a more open and flexible education system that is equally accessible to everyone, suitable for everyone, with everyone。We will actively promote learning for all,Take the extensive and in-depth application of the national smart education platform as the starting point,Support the reading action and the "Silver Age" action,Not only provide curriculum resources for students,There are also learning environments for the elderly and other members of society,It also provides a learning support platform for learners around the world,So that everyone can get equal opportunities to learn and communicate here。We will continue to promote comprehensive learning, not only to develop students' knowledge, quality and skills, but also to promote language communication and mutual learning of history and culture, so that more people can have the comprehensive quality needed in modern society, and enhance cultural confidence, historical awareness and international understanding。We will also actively explore diverse forms of learning, make full use of MOOCs, micro-lessons, virtual reality and other ways, provide a ubiquitous, diversified and intelligent learning environment and learning ecology, develop efficient and dynamic online education large classes, and realize "education is society, society is education".。We will further promote lifelong learning,The use of digital technology to provide flexible and diverse continuing learning opportunities for working staff,Provide training for career development and transformation,Building a new senior university system for the elderly population,Actively promote the improvement of credit bank, qualifications framework and other systems,Lay a more solid foundation for the construction of a learning society in which everyone can learn, learn everywhere, and learn from time to time。

Fourth, strengthen international cooperation and promote the development and prosperity of human civilization。The development of digital education,It can enable young people of different nationalities, different colors and different languages to learn and think together and grow together in a common digital space,It can bring people from different countries closer to carry out people-to-people exchanges,To deepen exchanges, understanding, tolerance and trust,Remove barriers and misunderstandings,Promote mutual understanding among the people,Promote the progress of human civilization。Teenagers are "Internet natives" and "tide riders" in the digital age,We should build more communication platforms and create more cooperation opportunities for them,It not only helps them to understand the differences of global multiculturalism, but also enhances mutual recognition and understanding,It also helps them to strengthen the exchange of digital learning and build strength for the development of digital society。We look forward to working with our international counterparts,Jointly explore the planning, standards, monitoring and evaluation of digital education,Carry out exchanges and cooperation in intellectual property protection, data security management, digital ethical risk prevention and privacy protection,Together, we will inject new impetus into human civilization,We have made unremitting efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind。

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

Facing the future, how to better help learners learn to learn, learn to coexist, learn to do things, learn to be a man is the common topic we face and the responsibility of The Times。We are ready to work with other countries,The World Conference on Digital Education is a new starting point,The international version of the smart education platform has been launched,Promote joint contribution and sharing of high-quality digital resources,Research and design new carriers and mechanisms for international cooperation,Jointly build a comprehensive, pragmatic and inclusive partnership,Bring the world of digital transformation together,Take it to the next level。

Facing the future, each of us has a dream。Let the network transcend time and space, let the connection cross the mountains and oceans, let the cooperation transcend the gap, meet the needs of The Times with open educational resources, expand the channel of trust and development with digital dialogue and exchange, and strive to improve and strengthen the ecological rainforest of digital education, and widely benefit all learning groups。To realize this beautiful dream, we will always adhere to the concept of connectivity first, content-based, and cooperation, and work with our counterparts in the world, unswervingly, bravely and bravely, and take great strides to walk in the forefront of The Times.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

Li Bai, a Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty, once said, "The long wind breaks the waves, and the clouds sail straight to the sea.。The development of digital education and the promotion of digital transformation of education is the trend of The Times, the need for development, the direction of reform, and the aspiration, responsibility and contribution of educators。I am confident that as long as we join hands, unite, seize opportunities and overcome difficulties together, we will surely be able to sail for a better future.

Thank you, everybody!