The same training of three winds

The same training of three winds

School motto: self-reliance and self-improvement can be practiced

It means to rely on their own strength, strive to continue upward, hone skills, practice what they have learned。

"Self-reliance and self-improvement" is to pay attention to self-development, perseverance, moral cultivation, and strive for progress。This is not only the fine tradition of the college's development history, but also the requirements for the future development of students。

The original meaning of "temper" is a whetstone, which is extended to "study and hone".。"Honing ability" means that students should pay great attention to the cultivation and honing of ability in learning。

"Du" has the meaning of loyalty, steadiness, single-mindedness and perseverance。"Duxing" is taken from "The Doctrine of Rites", "learning, interrogating, deliberating, discerning, and practicing earnestly".。Only those who have a clear goal and a firm will can truly "practice earnestly".。"Practicing" is the final stage of learning, that is, since learning has gained something, we must strive to practice what we have learned, so that what we have learned will eventually be implemented, and we can achieve "unity of knowledge and practice".。

The school motto of "self-reliance and self-improvement, sharpening and practicing" is in line with the glorious tradition of our school and the goal of cultivating high-quality and highly skilled talents。

School spirit: Thick virtue, good learning, pragmatic innovation

It means to be a person, moral character, broad-minded;To learn, diligent in thinking, good at learning;For things, serious, practical;For business, not afraid of difficulties, dare to innovate。

"Thick de" from "Yi Kun" : "terrain kun, a gentleman with moral。”

"Good learning" is taken from "Li Ji Xue Ji" : "Good scholars, teachers and work twice, and thus the mean"。It means that people who are good at learning often do not need the teacher to spend more energy, they can benefit a lot, and know to thank the teacher。

Our college should strive to create a good environment and atmosphere for students and serve their growth, success and success in terms of morality, ability, skills and entrepreneurship。

Teaching style: learning, educating people, virtue and skill

It means rigorous study, teaching according to aptitude, cultivating virtue and skills, so that it has a good reputation。

It is emphasized that teachers should have excellent professional ethics, good professional quality, rigorous academic attitude and exquisite professional skills。

Style of study: skillful in diligent and sensitive in line to far

It means that profound academic attainments are derived from diligence and eagerness to learn, and through down-to-earth actions, they realize the lofty ideals they pursue。

"Diligent" is taken from Han Yu's "Jinxue Solution", "diligent and poor in one, successful in thinking and destroyed with。This means that study is proficient because of diligence, but it is wasted in laughter and play, things are successful because of repeated thinking, but it can be destroyed by following the crowd。

"Quick in action" from Confucius "the Analects of benevolence" article "the gentleman wants to be slow in speech and quick in action。The master said: "The cultivation of a gentleman should try his best to make himself careful in his words and quick in his actions.。”

"Zhiyuan" from the early Western Han Dynasty Liu An's "Huainan son master art training" "is not indifferent (with: indifferent) without Mingde, not quiet without Zhiyuan, not lenient without overbearing, not kind and generous without holding people, not equal and not breaking。Zhuge Liang's "Ring Book" : "not indifferent and bright, not quiet and far"。

It aims to guide students to establish lofty ideals, study hard and practice bravely。