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Golden State Textile Industry School period

The establishment of the college began a difficult course of development。

The subordinate relationship of the college has changed from Jinzhou Textile Factory management, to the management of the textile Bureau of Chongqing, to the provincial textile (bureau) office, the municipal bureau management, and the factory management。

In 1966, affected by the national "Cultural Revolution", the school was forced to suspend classes, and was once incorporated into the children's School of Gold Textile Factory and renamed "Gold Textile Middle School".。After 1970, the school set up short training classes for enterprises to train production line team leaders as the main work。In 1973, it began to recruit workers, peasants and soldiers。After the national college entrance examination was resumed in 1978, high school graduates were enrolled, and the school teaching and management gradually returned to the right track。

The college originally built ten bungalows on the north side of the Jinzhou Textile Factory Hospital as classrooms, which were severely damaged during the "Cultural Revolution" and moved to the former female labor room outside the east gate of the textile factory during the Japanese puppet period。In 1970, the school even borrowed the barracks of the King County Garrison to start a short training class。In 1974, the school signed an agreement with the King County Forest Farm to requisition 22.Five acres of land, start preparing the campus for rezoning。


Liaoning Textile Industry School period

Since 1980, the college has been directly managed by the former Textile Industry (Bureau) of Liaoning Province。

After 1985, the college changed to recruit junior high school graduates, and the school system was changed from two years to four years。From 1993 to 1994, the school cooperated with the former Dalian Institute of Light Industry to establish a junior college class with a two-year academic duration。

In 1981, the College moved from the labor room at the North Gate of the Gold Textile to the new campus (North Campus).。In 1988, approved by the Dalian Municipal People's Government, the College expropriated the land of Wujia Village.09 acres, start construction of the south campus。

In 1992, the school participated in the evaluation of the level of secondary specialized schools in Liaoning Province with a score of 89.3 points, entered the ranks of "provincial and ministerial level key secondary schools"。In 1998, the school passed the evaluation of "National key secondary School"。

From 1993 to 1995, the college set up branch schools in Huludao, Anshan, Benxi, Fuxin and other places。

"Self-reliance, diligence and frugality" is the glorious tradition of the school。In order to relieve the pressure of insufficient school funds, teachers participate in the construction of schools every winter and summer vacation。Welded fences, made iron beds, pulled weeds and planted trees, painted school buildings, and built "Danxin Pond".。Every step of the development of the school is condensed with the sweat of the school。


Dalian Institute of Light Industry vocational and technical college period

After being merged into Dalian Institute of Light Industry, the school became a secondary college of the university。In March 2002, Jinzhou Campus of Dalian Institute of Light Industry was established, and the Vocational and technical College became a single-function teaching unit。2007 The college was renamed Dalian Polytechnic University Vocational and Technical College。

Since 1999, the college has mainly enrolled high school and secondary vocational graduates with three-year vocational college, and from 1999 to 2003, some specialties of the college have opened "five-year" college classes for junior middle school graduates。After 2006, the college and some secondary vocational schools jointly set up a "3+2" vocational college。

Since 2002, the College has actively explored the reform of the "order-type" and "pre-employment" personnel training models。In 2003, the initial employment rate of graduates reached 97.25%, ranked first in the province's higher vocational colleges。

From 1999 to 2009, the construction of campus infrastructure has entered a peak period, the construction of a library, college students' canteen, sports ground and 1 teaching building and 4 student dormitories, the construction area of the original 60,000 square meters increased to 120,000 square meters (square meters)。

From 2007 to 2012, the annual enrollment of the college was about 1,100 students, and the number of students was stable at about 3,100。


Liaoning Vocational College of light industry

The provincial government decided to establish Liaoning Light Industry Vocational College, which is a major strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to vigorously develop vocational education。The independent running of the college is a milestone event in the history of the development of the school, which gives the college an unprecedented opportunity for development。

In just two years after independence,All "light court people" further emancipate their minds,Dare to pioneer,With a huge amount of debt,Still trying to raise money,Increase investment in running schools,The construction of campus infrastructure, practice and training conditions have undergone great changes,The college's enrollment has soared,Professional construction and campus culture construction have also been rapidly improved。These achievements have greatly encouraged all staff to pursue a better future expectations, and enhanced the confidence of all teachers and students to run a good school。

The plan has been formulated, the goal has been clear, and the spring of rapid development of Liaoning Light Industry Vocational College has arrived。The whole hospital has to work harder,Further strengthen the connotation, optimize the conditions, improve the quality, and innovate the characteristics,Comprehensively promote the reform and career development of the school,Strive to build a high standard provincial demonstration higher vocational education college!Write a more brilliant and brilliant new chapter for Liaoning Light Industry Vocational College!