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Happy News | College in 2023 Liaoning Province, "Follow Lei Feng's footsteps to build military barracks, carry forward Lei Feng spirit to revitalize" recruitment publicity series activities happy achievements

近日,According to the announcement of the Service Center of College Student Recruitment Work in Liaoning Province, "Excellent units and Individuals in 2023 Liaoning Provincial College Recruitment Propaganda Activities",In 2023 Liaoning Province "followed Lei Feng's footsteps to build military barracks.,Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng to revitalize the "recruitment propaganda series of activities,The School won the "Excellent Organization Award"。

Zhang Guifu of Textile and Clothing Department Textile Inspection Class 2131 won the "Practicing Lei Feng Spirit.,Dream hot barracks "College student soldier preaching into the campus" Excellent college student soldier preaching",Art Design coefficient Media Class 2131 Liu Qianhan's work "From the military to serve the country to promote my military power" won the "Excellent Work Award" of "Following Lei Feng's footsteps to build a military camp" recruitment poster。

The College always regards conscription as an important task, continuously carries out publicity and education work, constantly improves the proportion of graduates enlistment and the quality of soldiers, and constantly enhances the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness of college students。The recruitment propaganda work of the college in 2023 will strengthen the national defense concept of college students and stimulate the political enthusiasm for joining the army to serve the country,Through the organization of the recruitment of propaganda and mobilization, recruitment poster competition, college students and other activities,It has created a strong campus atmosphere of patriotic and strong army,It inspired the enthusiasm and motivation of all the college students to join the army。

A total of 10 "Excellent Organization Awards", 20 "Excellent Student soldier propagandists" and 18 "excellent works of recruitment posters" were selected by colleges and universities in the province。