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From March 5 to 10, the first career Planning Competition in Liaoning Province came to an end in the fierce competition. 7 players from the college entered the provincial finals, and 3 players advanced to the provincial finals. Among them, Liu Wanyuan, a student of aviation service department, and Liu Shiyao, a student of information engineering Department, won the second prize in the vocational Education Group Growth track and Employment track respectively。

Since the launch of the competition in October 2023, the college has attached great importance to it, and has successively carried out the competition kick-off meeting, departmental selection contest, and school-level selection contest, and organized several training meetings and seminars during the winter vacation。Under the organization of the Recruitment and Employment Office and the teaching departments, the college has nearly 2,000 students actively participating。

The college will take this competition as an opportunity to further guide students to rationally plan their own career development, establish a correct career outlook, career outlook, employment outlook, and truly realize "promoting learning through competition, promoting teaching through competition, and promoting learning through competition".。

The competition was organized by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, and more than 300,000 students from 102 colleges and universities in the province signed up for the competition。After the provincial university competition and provincial rematch selection, a total of 48 people entered the final of the vocational education group growth track, and 60 people entered the final of the vocational education group employment track。The vocational education team set up 24 awards, including 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 12 third prizes.Career track vocational education group set up 30 awards, first prize 5, second prize 10, third prize 15。