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Announcement of winning Bid of Textile and Garment Professional Group Workstation Procurement Project of Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry (LNQGCJ2023-62)

I. Project Number: FYCG2023-1205
2. Project name: Textile and Garment Professional group workstation procurement project of Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry
3. Bid winning (transaction) information
Supplier name: Liaoning Zhijiao Technology Co., LTD
Supplier Address: No. 2, 9th Floor, Unit 2, No. 28 Binhe Street, Shahekou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
 Bid (transaction) amount: 38.9880000(万元)

4. Main target information
Cargo class
Supplier Name:
Liaoning Zhijiao Technology Co., LTD

Goods name: Commercial workstation;Commercial display
Goods brand:AcerAcer
Type of goods:VeritonT950N238VA

Quantity of goods:36套;36
Unit price of goods() 9900930

5. Review expert list:

Zhao Chang 'e, Guo Tao, Chen Lina, Ma Liyang, Liu Siwen
6. Time limit for announcement
As of the date of this announcement1Working day。

7. If you have any comments on the above published results, please contact the discipline inspection Department of our hospital, tel:66864802。The faculty and staff are welcome to care about and support the openness of the college's government affairs。