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Build a dream camp, glorious departure。Recently, the college held a grand send-off party for new recruits in the spring of 2024, and Liu Qiguo, minister of the Armed Forces Department of the College Party Committee and director of the Student Affairs Office, sent off new recruits on behalf of the college, and teachers of the College recruitment workstation and all new recruits participated in the send-off party。

Liu Qiguo made a farewell speech

Liu Qiguo congratulated the 45 scheduled soldiers on their successful enlistment and placed hopes on them: First, cherish the honor,Remember the mission,Be a good soldier in the new era;Two, exercise strictly,Devote oneself to national defense,In the difficult environment to shape the self, experience the self, improve the self;Third, make achievements,Win glory for the country,Strive to be a model model,Strive for first-class performance。

Jang Myung-chul, a representative of prospective recruits, spoke

Zhang Mingzhe spoke on behalf of the scheduled recruits, he thanked the selection of the motherland, the training of the college, said that he was ready to bear hardships, will study hard in the army, show the good spirit of Liao light industry students, do a qualified, excellent soldier, and contribute their own strength to national defense and army construction。

Liu Qiguo wears ribbons and red flowers for the scheduled recruits

Farewell party photo of teachers and students

Over the years, the college has attached great importance to the recruitment work, earnestly implemented various recruitment policies, strengthened the daily education management of the "Lei Feng Army" pre-recruitment class, always adhered to the combination of ideological and political education and physical training, and was employment-oriented, extensively publicized and deeply mobilized, in order to let more outstanding graduates into the military。

The college will steadily promote the recruitment work in the second half of 2024, and the "one-stop" service for enlistment will help more Liao light industry students realize their dreams, and continue to contribute to the Liao light industry force for the cause of national defense。